The developed package of 27 lessons contains core-content (for credit points) with additional "optional" parts (supplements). Lessons include text, images, animated models and interactive online exercises.
A wide range of alpine ecosystems is considered and the course includes modules on different integrated topics:

  • Explore some characteristics (1 introductory lesson)
  • Fragile alpine environments (3 lessons and a double lessons (A3))
  • Plants & life processes (12 lessons)
  • Animals (5 lessons)
  • Landscape evolution (3 lessons)

The course may be followed as a whole or in part as assigned lessons.

Course language is English.

The content of each lesson is approximately equivalent to 90 minutes: web content (45 minutes) plus homework (exercises, reading and tests – also about 45 minutes). Work through the whole course will take at least 60 work hours.
The navigation of each lesson is unique and non-linear. Each lesson is open in the sense that the order of and depth to which topics may be explored is up to the user. The lessons have no thematic boundaries; they are linked together on different levels.

Two supplementary modules allow further insight into alpine ecosystems:

  • Alpine walks prepare students for field courses where they will gain direct experience of alpine ecosystems
  • Visit the alpine shows examples of plant similarities in alpine regions of the world

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