Who can teach ALPECOLe

If you are lecturer, tutor or teacher on a higher educational institution you can use ALPECOLe or parts of it in your courses and/or seminars.
You need the permission of the ALPECOLe consortium to use the course material for your own courses. Please contact alpecole@geo.uzh.ch.
You may visit ALPECOLe first with the guest access (not always open!).
A personal account can be provided if you intend to use the course.

How to teach ALPECOLe

ALPECOLe is designed as a blended learning course. The entire course material is available online on the OLAT platform (Online Learning And Training). OLAT offers the necessary group and testing tools (e.g. group forum and chat, group folders for file exchange, test environment). Additionally, a CD version can be requested by contacting alpecole@geo.uzh.ch (primary for backup).

You may use the whole course, or you can use parts of a lesson, single lessons or whole modules (e.g. Animals) of ALPECOLe in your own courses.

We propose to organize a start-up meeting to instruct those using ALPECOLe about the course subjects and aims, course registration and organisation of the course. You may then allow students to look through the lessons or modules. It would be advantageous if students can ask questions, giving rise to subjects for discussion within a lesson or if you provide further information and/or material in periodically scheduled meetings (face-to-face or synchronous communication).

Access for your students

Your students have also to register for the platform OLAT.
Send a list (e.g. .xls format) with your students names, addresses and emails at least two weeks before your course starts to alpecole@geo.uzh.ch.
If you find information missing in a lesson or module or if you want to use further material in your courses you can add it in your face-to-face meetings or put it in group folders in the ALPECOLe course on the OLAT platform so that it will be available for your students, teachers or for all ALPECOLe users.

The whole course contains about 60 hours of mandatory work for students (including homework, tests and exercises) – an equivalent of 28 lecture hours per term.

How are tests and accreditation provided

Every lecturer/teacher or institution using ALPECOLe is responsible for tests and accreditation for their own students.
You can create your own test or use the proposed questions in the question pool on the platform (only available for lecturers/teachers). The duration of a test depends on the students level and testing situation.

The number of credit points awarded depends on the amount of course parts used. The awarding of two credit points is recommended for the completion of the entire course. Accreditation for the course should be granted by your institution.

Addition of material or new lessons

You may add your own material for your course on the OLAT learning platform, accessible only for your student group.

If you would like to contribute to a lesson or to create a whole new ALPECOLe lesson you can become partner. Contact the project leader or alpecole@geo.uzh.ch and ask for details.

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