Who may register for this course?

NOTE: Accreditation is offered by home institutions, not through the ALPECOLe consortium!


Mostly all Swiss cantonal universities, ETH and Universities of Applied Sciences have AAI access. You may use your institutional access account to login into the learning platform OLAT.
NOTE: Accreditation is only possible if you book ALPECOLe as part of a module offered by your home institution!

Follow these instructions to register on OLAT:

  1. start a web browser
  2. go to
  3. choose your institution in the pull down menue
  4. click on "login"
  5. fill in your yousername and password (delivered by your institution)
  6. accept 'Browser Website Certified'
  7. choose a OLAT username (e.g. pmuster). This username can't be changed later!
  8. read and accept the 'terms of use'

Then go to 'learning resouces' and choose the course 'ALPECOLe'.

You should register for one of the learning groups if you have booked ALPECOLe as part of one of your modules, or you may 'register outside of group' if you want to work through the course by your own.

Students of other universities or schools may use ALPECOLe as part of booked courses (and access ALPECOLE with the provided personal accounts) or follow the course independently (without accreditation, see other).

PLEASE NOTE: Your OLAT connection closes after 20 minutes if you don't use it. Then you have to choose the institution again and you will be guided to your personal OLAT homepage. The AAI portal stays open during about 2 hours when you have entered your username and password. Check that you did exit your browser program before leaving your computer - if not other people can have access to your account.


First you may access ALPECOLe as guest to have a look at the course (not permanently open!).
If you intend to teach with ALPECOLe, you need a permanent personal account. Please write an email with your name, address, email address and aims to and aks for an account.
You should also provide us with additional information about your course (start and end date, kind of course, program, age and number of expected students etc.) and feedback about your experiences.


You may use our guest access (not permanently open!) to have a look at the course.

If you want to work through the whole course you may need a personal account. Please write an email with your name, address, email address and interest/study branch to and ask for an account.

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