We would like to thank the following persons, institutions and organizations for assistance and support in the creation of this e-course:

  • The Swiss Virtual Campus for enabling this project, its confidence in ALPECOLe and the project support. Especially we thank Dr. Cornelia Rizek-Pfister for good communication.
  • The E-Learning Center of the University of Zurich for the general support of our project and the open door.
  • eQuality (especially Dr. Deborah Vitacco) for the support with pedagogical issues, during test phases and with the evaluation of lessons.
  • The OLAT team (especially Florian Gnägi and Andreas Kapp) for their efforts to adapt the e-learning platform to the project needs.
  • Othmar Wigger, Daniel Wirz and Roman Schurter (Department of Geography, University of Zurich) for their supportive technical help, support and insight.
  • Pauline McNamara, Flash guru extraordinaire at edutech.
  • Georgiana Hanselmann for the proof reading.
  • Martin Vögeli for the creation of some animations.
  • Prof. Ernst Spiess, Dr. Brandenberger and Res Brodbeck for the tectonic world map and data.
  • Dr. Walter Ammann (SLF Davos) for his presentation on the structure of Dealing with Natural Hazards and Risks (partner project).
  • Dr. Rolf Brugger for his presentation "Web-basierte Kurse: Konzepte und Eigenschaften" on June 13, 2001 edutech.
  • Stefan Hofstetter, Eric Lorup and Joel Fisler from GITTA (partner project) for their support and the development of eLML.
  • Anna Jablonkay from Do It Your Soil (partner project) for her interesting presentation on instructional design and the exchange of knowledge.
  • Koni Osterwalder for his presentation of Virtual Excursion on November 28, 2001.
  • Our test phase participants (students, doctorands, lecturers and others) for their time and suggestions: Pascal Beer, Marc Olivier Buffle, Reto Buser, Alistair Edwardes, Mirjam Friedli, Anna Gilgen, Tobias Graf, Sabine Guesewell, Johanna Hänger, Mario Hardmeier, Pius Hauenstein, Nadine Hilker, Michaela Hofstetter-Nesa, Alfred Kauer, Wilfried Kaufmann, Bernard Krummenacher, Benjamin Lange, Niklaus Lusser, Giorgio Maresi, Giovanna Pezzi, Alfred Riggenbach, Nadine Salzmann, Philipp Schildknecht, Christian Schöb, Natalina Signorell, Corinne Vonlanthen, Nancy Voser, Gabrielle Weber, Dirk Wilhelm, Lea Wirth, Lukas Wotruba, Lukas Zurbuchen and others.
  • All users providing us with feedback.